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What is TrailX?

The TrailX is a kickass way to stay in shape in your own community with your friends!

Led by Coach Nick, the small to large sized group can be 8 – 30 people, hiking around regional, state, and natural parks. each predesigned to have a coinciding challenge along the way. Never the same trail twice.

Think taking your workout to the next level, literally.

twice a month, sometimes more, we all rally and go out into the wild and hike to achieve new heights, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We have conquered many hikes in the Bay Area including, Marin Headlands, Mt Diablo, Mt. Tamalpais, Brushy Peak, and many more. Bring your water and your hiking shoes.

Each TrailX is designed for multiple levels of difficulty; beginners and competitive athletes alike can be on the same TrailX!